March - June 2012 a collection of online reference sites and links will be posted here.

An edited and selected compendium of interesting further reading to accompany the professional practice module will be posted here.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the Deck.

round up of contemporary web bright ideas and ads. here  - Decknetwork.
"The premier network for reaching creative, web and design professionals, The Deck serves up over one-hundred million ad impressions each month and is uniquely configured to connect the right marketers to a targeted, influential audience." and "Sites and apps are added to the network by invitation only and are considered based on many factors including traffic, design, frequency of updates and overall appropriateness to the general target of the network."
exclusivity and target accuracy means that once on, the advertising is likely to be of interest to the reader.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

pretty near a complete set.

We pretty much have nearly a complete set from the 2012 class. I recommend that you look at each others post and opinions, and that you keep the currency and keep looking. I would welcome suggestions for you on how we could continue to manage a survey of the European scene> and what is occurring there. for example  - the winners of Stuttgart ITFS were announced the other day.
find them here.
What is the best form for keeping this current and warm?

Monday, 23 April 2012

good evaluative statement

I like this by-product of a films' shooting created by Kirsten Lepore, HERE
"During the shooting of my thesis, a 10 minute stop-motion animated piece titled, "sweet dreams," I took a quick isight video each day that I shot a scene to document what I had shot, the happenings of the day, or just my mood. Each video ranged from 1 to 2.5 minutes, so I arranged them in a chronological array to play simultaneously."

Monday, 2 April 2012

Good Swiss festival site.

this is a good site for animation festival searches.
Swiss Films .
Here is a picture; An 1870 postcard view of the Rhone glacier in Gletsch, Switzerland, contrasted with the shrinking 21st-century version of it. (Dominic Buettner for The New York Times)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Maps - accuracy vs information

you have been charged with the production of a map that illustrates the  
contemporary animation scene in Europe.
Maps do not have to be topographically accurate.
there are new forms of maps, - data mapping, check out this;
this animation of daily wealth distribution for example, shows the percent of the world living on less than a dollar a day to those living on $200+ per day...
old form of maps, where the information is exaggerated for legibility rather than accuracy.
lots of examples here the worldmaps blogspot...

to consider on your map. towns and locations of Animation festivals. Locations of animation Schools.
Cities and towns that have a good animation reputation/ media industry/ reputation.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

FOMO and going dark

research by JWT to study a phenomenon called FOMO, fear of missing out, and how they can capitalise on this with branding and marketing.
the full document can be downloaded called Fear Of Missing Out – Updated March 2012.

my interest in this is the Fear of missing out is diluting full attention to working hard and putting a good shift in.

this seems especially so when working at a CPU that has also internet connection.

I would be keen to know how many of you all 'work' and are connected at the same time? how many of you communicate socially during work sessions? what does this communication entail?

Another expression I heard recently was via a writer, who says he deliberately 'goes dark' to get his work done. it made me laugh when his dark time was only an hour and a half. I forgot to ask how long his connected time was when he was back on...

but the gist of this is the same, Going dark and FOMO is a form of trying to control and discipline emotional and social need over creative work output. It is a new interference to work production where an element of good production is concentration and getting into a zone with the work. it is, in my opinion less easy now to get into that zone of production when there is so much attention seeking from others publishing tittle tattle all the time, and the threat of missing out tempts one out of the dark, to connect, and to see, and to comment and to join in.

this is just a beginning  - I have noticed that students are not fully immersed as was once possible. I feel we all have to learn to moderate this connectedness and temper broadcasting and receiving this noise from everyone else, especially whilst trying to attain a sublime working state where the work-flow is strong and uninterrupted.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Tuesday 13 March

Tuesday 13 March

I have to be away. The Morning session I want you to continue to investigate the country you chose last week. see class session report for more details.

The afternoon session - starting at 2.00, Chris will be giving a talk on Creativity and Employ-ability, that I think you will find of value.

vesica-piscis. what a powerful form.


On Monday and Tuesday evenings, the planets Venus and Jupiter will appear just 3 degrees apart in the western sky. The gap has been narrowing since last month.
The two planets are visible every night at twilight. Venus is brighter because of its relative closeness, compared with super-far-away Jupiter.