March - June 2012 a collection of online reference sites and links will be posted here.

An edited and selected compendium of interesting further reading to accompany the professional practice module will be posted here.


Stephen Greenspan
"Stephen Greenspan is a semi-retired academic who has been exploring the topic of human competence and incompetence for decades".
Genarro Morra "So for the last year and a half I have been constantly upgrading to a character design portfolio, with a little vis dev on the side, because it’s just so fun."
Mark Kennedy  "I have been working as an animator and storyboard artist for 15 years. blog to talk about drawing and to talk about filmmaking from my perspective as a storyboard artist...." (good links, good breadth of posts)
Daniel Caylor
created onanimation Link to archives in 2005. a very good place for starting any researches Stateside, emphasis on 2d. but is bigger and broader than that.

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